Thursday, 28 August 2014

Whenever the weather is sunny and warm, there are 50 terraces in Lisbon that we suggest you to visit for a great ambience and magnificent view.

41. Linha D'Água
Attracting families and people of all ages, this terrace is reflected onto a pond that is surrounded by vegetation. It's above Eduardo VII Park, by the El Corte Inglés Department Store.

42. Eléctrico Banana Café
This terrace (photo) belongs to a restored tram that used to go through the capital up until 1988. It is now a coffee shop parked next to the Jerónimos Monastery. It serves smoothies and snacks all they long and it's often used by tourists as a spot to sit down for a bit while examining their guidebooks.

43. Rua Vieira Portuense
A small street in Belém that has several restaurants - most serving traditional Portuguese cuisine, specially grilled fish - in colourful traditional Lisbon houses from the 16th and 17th Centuries.

44. O das Joanas
Meaning "Joana's", this small coffee shop serves specialties from different countries. It's on Intendente Square, next to Fábrica Viúva Lamego, a unique building completely covered in colourful tiles.

45. Praça de São Paulo
After being neglected for several years, this 18th Century Square is coming back to live because of the kiosk of traditional refreshments and its beautiful terraces.

46. Jardim da Estrela
This is one of the most beautiful and amazing gardens of Lisbon, where you can relax with a coffee or a light meal. It has a terrace by the entrance, with a view to the Basilica, and another one by the gate, on Avenida Álvares Cabral. There's also a nice playground for the children to play in.

47. Esplanada do Torel
From midmorning to just after dinner, this terrace serves sandwiches, salads and wine. It's a great place to simply relax and enjoy a light meal after climbing the hill from Avenida da Liberdade in the Lavra funicular.

48. Pastelaria Suíça
The first Portuguese coffee shop to serve croissants is now known for having a great variety of pastries - and it's always full of tourists. Pastelaria Suíça has two terraces, one in Figueira Square, facing the castle, and another one in Rossio, facing the entire Rossio Square.

49. Bar das Imagens - Costa do Castelo
Relatively close to the castle, this terrace is a great place to have a snack during the afternoon or a drink during the evening.

50. Brown's Coffee Shop
The terrace is an excellent spot for when the sun comes out, but the interior is also very attractive and comfortable. Brown's Coffee Shop is usually taken over by teens and young adults.

Monday, 25 August 2014


The Portuguese capital has great music clubs that go from Indie Jazz and African Beats to American Retro Rock and up to Electronic Experiments. And some of these clubs have even been mentioned in The New York Times. Lisbon isn't just Fado anymore.

One of these clubs is the iconic Hot Clube de Portugal, a jazz hangout that has been around since the 1940s. In late 2009, however, the club burned down, having been moved and rebuilt a few doors down, to officially reopen in 2012. Hot Club Portugal came back with the same spirit it always had, with local and international live acts and fans that go anywhere from young adults to longtime regulars in their 40s and 50s.

If you wish to go to somewhere with more musical variety - with jazz, folk and ethno-groove, for instance - and great Neo-Portuguese cuisine, the Vinyl is the place for you. This wonderful place, around since 2012, is both a coffee shop and a restaurant.

Can the Can is a new restaurant that states "Canned Food Goes Gourmet, Fado Becomes Habitué". What does that mean? It means they present Fado and other Portuguese music in avant-garde forms, and that the cuisine consists of traditional tinned goods - like sardines and mackerels - presented in innovative and unexpected ways. As you may guess, Can the Can is having an incredible success with young musicians.

Then, there's B.Leza (photo), a bubblegum-pink warehouse that almost glows at night. A Neo-Industrial space with a crowd full of variety, from African Immigrants to Native Portuguese from all spectrums. Originally in a 18th Century Palace, B.Leza had to go to a more modest location in 2007. However, the carefully selected Pan-African Programming is still there, accompanied by a diverse fan base and some ocasional A-Listers. The entrance costs 10 Euros.

Saturday, 23 August 2014


According to the website, Portugal is one of the most photographed areas of the world.
We wondered if some of the photos are yours?

This vast complex is now one of Catholicism's major shrines, a place of enormous devotion and pilgrimage. At the eastern end is the 1953 basilica, a triumphantly sheer-white building with colonnade reminiscent of St Peter’s. Nearby, the Capela das Apariçoes (Chapel of the Apparitions) marks the site where the Virgin appeared. At the precinct's western end is the 2007 Basilica da Santíssima Trindade.

The chapel is the focus of the most intense devotion. Supplicants who have promised penance shuffle on their knees across the vast esplanade, following a long marble runway polished smooth by previous penitents. Near the chapel is a blazing pyre where people can throw offerings on the fire, leave gifts – donated to charities – or light candles in prayer. The sound of hundreds of candles is like a rushing waterfall.

Sunday, 17 August 2014


According to the website, Portugal is one of the most photographed areas of the world.
We wondered if some of the photos are yours?

In Vila do Bispo, Algarve, there's Cabo de São Vicente (Cape St. Vicent), the South-Western point of Europe. Of great importance since the old days, it was even known to the Romans as Promontorium Sacrum, which means "Holy Promontory".

At it's end, there's a a red lighthouse, a former convent and Museu dos Faróis, a small museum that highlights the importance of Sagres in the country's maritime navigation history. The Remais of Fortaleza do Beliche can also be seen, but only from the outside, since it is crumbling along with the cliff.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014


One of Europe's beast-preserved coastlines with beautiful places to stay in, such as small hotels, guest houses and campsites.

1. Ilha do Pessegueiro campsite, Porto Covo
A Nature Reserve located in Pessegueiro Island, along with the ruins of a 16th-century fortress. It doesn't have much shade, so, in the Summer, the best choice is to stay in an wooden bungalow or apartment. There is a restaurant, a bar, a playground and a shop, and most apartments have barbecues.

2. Monte Carvalhal da Rocha campsite, Brejão
The campsite of Monte Carvalhal da Rocha has a wonderful view of the sea and the valley, with small hidden bays, a swimming pool, a mini-market, a restaurant, a coffee shop and a playground. It is also a great spot for hikers. You can choose to camp or to stay in an apartment with a sea view.

3. Hotel Soltróia, Tróia
This Hotel is located in a Nature Reserve about an hour south of Lisbon, with a pool and direct access to two different beaches. You can also visit a lagoon with sunken boats and bird-life and the Roman ruins nearby.

4. Comporta Village, Comporta
In Comporta Village, there are 26 colourful apartments and a peaceful beach with beautiful white sand (photo), beach bars and restaurants. If you wish, you can go visit Tróia by bike, which is 15kms away.

5. Refúgio da Praia, Praia do Queimado
Refúgio da Praia is an isolated rural house with six rooms on the beach south of the village of Porto Covo. It's on the Rota Vicentina and has an amazing view of the countryside. To eat, you can go to Porto Covo, for some fish and seafood.

6. Pátios da Vila, Vila Nova de Milfontes
Vila Nova de Milfontes is a beautiful beach in the Mira Estuary, with a river that is excellent for kayaking and simple well-equipped apartments. Pátios da Vila is next to the beaches of Franquia and Farol.

7. Mil Reis, Vila Nova de Milfontes
Renovated some years ago, Mil Reis is a guest-house with a self-catering apartment and 10 bedrooms. You can visit the fortress that was built in 1602 and some classic fish restaurants.

8. HS Milfontes Beach, Vila Nova de Milfontes
A modern hotel under the sun that has 10 rooms with balconies facing the pool and 15 facing the sea and the river. There's a beach nearby and boat rides up the river. You can also visit Cercal and Odemira, two traditional villages with fewer tourists and great local food.

9. Herdade do Touril, Zambujeira do Mar
The perfect location to relax, with little houses decorated in rustic style. Nearby, there's a beach and free bikes to explore other beaches. Every August, Zambujeira hosts Sudoeste Music Festival.

10. Rosa dos Ventos, Zambujeira do Mar
A white and yellow Bed & Breakfast with comfortable rooms, suite bathrooms, television and Wi-Fi. Zambujeira do Mar beach is close by and the village has plenty of restaurants with great fish and seafood.

Thursday, 7 August 2014


National Geographic has recommended a list of authentic, culturally rich and sustainable places to visit in 2014. One of these places is Alentejo, the perfect place to slow down and relax.

There are many options to choose from, according to your liking. There's Rota Vicentina, a trail that crosses 133 miles from the coastline to the countryside where you can admire storks and endemic plants. There's also Marble Route, with quarries and underground galleriesAs for museums, there's one in the village of Belver, that is devoted to the tradition of artisanal soap-making.

You can stay at Évora's Ecorkhotel, a hotel coated in cork, a material that buffers noise, heat and cold. During the day you can enjoy the local cuisine and buy some of the local products, like honey, berries and wines. At night, you can watch the photopollution-free nigh sky of Alqueva, the world's first Starlight Tourism Destination.

Sunday, 3 August 2014


Whenever the weather is sunny and warm, there are 50 terraces in Lisbon that we suggest you to visit for a great ambience and magnificent view.

31. Zambeze
A huge terrace that both locals and turists love. It offers a panoramic view of downtown, including the Arch of Rua Augusta.

32. Alameda dos Oceanos - Lote 2.11
There are several terraces by the Oceanarium that also face the top of the Vasco da Gama Tower and the waterfront. And the restaurants that own those terraces have different specialities, so you have many options according to what you feel like eating.

33. Café Lisboa
With a menu for lunch, another for dinner, and a last one for the afternoon, Café Lisboa offers a beautiful spot to relax in the calm São Carlos Square.

34. Café Nicola
This is one of the historic cafés of Lisbon. Its terrace faces Rossio, one of the city's most emblematic squares, as well as its fountains, the façade of Dona Maria II Theatre and even the castle above.

35. Largo do Carmo
Facing the ruins of the Carmo Convent and below beautiful jacaranda trees, Largo do Carmo (photo) has multiple terraces that belong to different restaurants.

36. Jardim do Príncipe Real
The Gardens of Príncipe Real are perfect for a romantic walk under the shade of century-old trees. It has several kiosks with beautiful terraces perfect to have a drink both during the day and at night. 

37. Bella Lisa Elevador
At the top of one of the most iconic monuments of Lisbon, there's Bella Lisa Elevator, serving Italian cuisine with a panoramic view of downtown and the castle.

38. Café no Chiado
Offering lunch, dinner and snacks, Café do Chiado is located between São Luiz and São Carlos Theatres, where you can see the trams whenever they pass by.

39. U Chiado
This is considered to be one of the best restaurants in Chiado. It serves not only lunch and dinner, but also light afternoon meals to enjoy in its terrace.

40. Centro Vasco da Gama
There are a few terraces on the third floor of the Vasco da Gama Mall that offer a magnificent view of the waterfront, Vasco da Gama Tower and Meo Arena.