Friday, 8 April 2016

What trip fits you the best?

To find out, we suggest you start having fun by facing the challenge we prepared to celebrate our 6th anniversary with you :)
(Yes, it's today!)

On a serious note, we are here to help you prepare your dream vacations.
Our sincere thank you for having trusted us with the preparation of more than 2,000 tailor made travel itineraries which we can proudly remember.

Are you trying to pack your bag or waiting for it to arrive?
Either way, here’s a game to relax a bit!
Try to hit the largest possible number of bags with your travel stick. But be careful, heavy luggage can be dangerous!
On the computer, use your arrows to walk and the space bar to attack. On the smartphone, simply touch the icons.
What does your score say about you?
0 to 90 - the path is made by walking and your starts now. To practice the bag packing for your next tailor made travel, we suggest you start by checking our easy going destinations - maybe a dreamy beach in a country that (almost) nobody has ever heard of. What about Colombia or Palau archipelago (Micronesia)?
91 to 150 - clearly your spirit claims for new discoveries. It’s time to raise the bar and try a tailor made travel to Australia and New Zealand or take a safari trip in Africa. A coast-to-coast adventure in the US or on board a Canadian trains, can also fulfill your soul.
151 to 200 - You’re ready to go on your next great adventure! The ease with which you pack is inspiring. What destination will be your temptation? Madagascar? Gabao? Papua Nova Guiné? Tasmania? We’re sure all the dreams you might have fit your luggage just fine, let us help you pack it. See you soon!

TravelTailors is thankful to Christina Brühl and André Narciso for developing and implementing this game.