Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Teresa Conceição shares her favorite Nature Parks

Portugal is a small country but it offers many contrasts. High mountains, where it even snows, deep valleys, where the sun sometimes forgets to shine, and beautiful plains with wheat and old cork trees. Not to mention, of course, our wonderful coastline which offers amazing beaches and sights to the Atlantic Ocean.

Teresa Conceição is a journalist from TV channel SIC, who co-hosts the series "Ir é o melhor remédio" ("To go is the best medicine" in a free translation). She shared with the national newspaper Expresso some of her favorite Nature Parks. This is an excerpt of her sharing.


Nature, first. Then traditions, villages and people. This park was created in 1971 and sits in the North of Portugal. It integrates mountains Amarela, Peneda, Soajo and Gerês. The rivers Minho, Lima, Homem and Cávado flow through it and offer some marvelous sights.

Photo by José Antonio Gil Martínez


This mountain sits in the Northeast of Portugal and it's home of the iberian wolf. Apart from this wonderful animal, it also has many of its preys and other species. Wild boars, foxes, eagles, bucks. And of course, unique flora such as oak trees, chestnuts and heaths. The biodiversity of the Montesinho Natural Park is extraordinary!

Photo by Manuel Anastácio


This protected area, created in 1983, invites many photographers and biodiversity lovers. It offers natural relics, not only in what concerns fauna and flora, but also in geological terms. Its ex-libris is the waterfall Fisgas do Ermelo. The river Olo floods the park with natural beauty. And it's just enough to sit and hear the sound of its water flow...
Photo by Bhavagati

Douro Internacional

The river Douro is very well-known as the cradle of Port wine. However, this long river is born in Spain and before it reaches the winery area, it has a much more wild string to it. This park holds border with our neighbour country, Spain, and it's called "hot land" for its enormous thermal amplitudes.

Serras de Aire e Candeeiros

Much far south, impressive geological formations tell an imense story. This set of mountains was craved throughout millions of years, offering dinosaurs' footprints and many pedestrian rails, One just needs to get himself lost on these lands.

Photo by Towiki60

Tejo Internacional

This Natural Park is one of the most relevant in Europe. It marks the separation of two regions, Beira Baixa and Alentejo, with the river Tejo (Tagus) in between. Portas de Rodão is where the two margins almost touch each other, offering a wonderful sight. Apart from that, the river flows generously.

Photo by Nuno Tavares
Soon we will share the rest of Teresa Conceição favourite National Parks...

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