Friday, 3 January 2014


In the heart of Lisbon since 1889, the Rossio Railway Station connected the capital with the rest of the country. Nowadays, it connects Lisbon with its surroundings, and it’s the final station of the Sintra’s rail. In 1919, Rossio was one of the stations where the “ghost wagon” was used. The “ghost wagon” consisted on a security system which main goal was to avoid the strikers’ sabotage in the 20s.

In 1932, the first mystery train left Rossio. It was a train that left at the weekend in a previous settled hour, but the passengers didn’t know its final destination. In 1943, the Lusitania Express, a train that connected Lisbon to Madrid, made its first ride, making its last one in 1995. Nowadays it has been replaced by the Lusitania Train Hotel.

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