Friday, 30 August 2013

My nationality is not Portuguese. How should I proceed?

If you are not Portuguese, and reside or not in Portugal, you should consult your Embassy or Consulate, in order to identify which are the requirements of entrance in the country to which you are traveling. You should inform TravelTailors of your nationality upon reservation as well of all possible visa requirements and procedures. For further information you may also contact the "Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras" (Foreigners and Borders Service) using the telephone 21 7115000 or consulting the respective site.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

What documentation do I need for traveling to the United States of the America?

The citizens of Portuguese nationality do not need visa for traveling to the United States of the America, as long as they possess optical reading passports, which is automatically the case for all passports emitted after the 1st of January 2001. Additionally, it is mandatory to request prior authorization for the journey, which will have the validity of two years and might be used for multiple journeys to that country. This authorization (THIS) is requested through the site and since September of 2010 a rate of 14USD will be charged. In case the authorization is denied, you will have to request a visa to the U.S.A embassy.

Please note that when traveling to the U.S.A., the client gives its express consent for transmission of all the information, including personal details, to the governmental authorities for air traveling control and security purposes.

Monday, 26 August 2013

What documentation do I need for traveling outside the European Union?

The Portuguese passengers shall carry a valid passport - most countries require that the passport has at least 6 months of validity after expected date of return. Consult the embassy of the country of destination.

Some countries require a Visa - in some cases, that visa is mandatorily obtained before departure; in others, it's obtained upon arrival to the country of destination. Please consult the relevant notes of your travel program and consult the embassy of the country of destination. We highlight that TravelTailors declines any responsibility for the refusal of concession of Visa.

Finally, some countries have mandatory sanitary formalities, meaning, it might be required to present vaccine bulletin for yellow fever and/or others.

More information here.

Friday, 23 August 2013

What documentation do I need for traveling inside the European Union?

Portuguese passengers shall carry valid Identity Card. "cédula pessoal" is not considered a valid document.

Additionally in order to benefit from hospital medical aid in any country of the European Union (27 State-Members), Iceland, Liechenstein, Norway and Swiss, passengers should be carriers of the European Card for Illness Insurance, which, in Portugal, can be obtained in any "loja do cidadão", in Social Security services or requesting it by email to Social Security.

More information here.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Which are the means of payment at my disposal?

You can pay for your traveling arrangements, using the following means of payment:
    • By banking transference, to the NIB 0033 0000 4539 2763 2080 5, sending us sent confirmation proof by email ( or fax (+ 351 21 757 86 70).
    • By check passed to "TravelTailors Portugal - Turismo Activo, Lda".
    • With credit card, only for regular flight payments that are included in a complete program. This option does not have extra costs,
it requires photocopy of the credit card and of the document of identification of the client, as a filled debit authorization.

Monday, 19 August 2013

Testimunial: "Chuck and Diane Reers, Journey to Portugal, May 2013"

"PORTUGAL, a diamond in the rough. At least that was my last recollection from 8th grade geography & history classes. We quickly saw this beautiful country transformed into a highly polished gem, which resembled the Hope Diamond.
A last minute change of plans found us looking for a break after a med cruise out of Barcelona. We contacted Paula of Travel Tailors, and she instantly crafted a private tour that captured our interest and satisfied our travel budget.
Paula's custom tailor skills put together an interesting itinerary, covering the highlights of each place of interest. Professional guides, Marco Noivo and Susana Bras, blended in by contributed their expert historical knowledge and background. I can say, I never had such an interesting and exciting lecture in history! I remember Vasco da Gama, but I actually touched his tomb!
Sleeping and eating accommodations also exceeded my expectations. The local restaurants were cozy and provided the ambiance for a relaxing meal and light conversation..and the roasted suckling pig made each step of the way a memorable experience.
Paula, you and your expert staff are to be commended. Your team has made our trip to Portugal an interesting and memorable event that it will certainly bring us back in the future. I have already recommended friends to contact you, and will continue to do so in the future.
Please feel free to share our vacation success with whomever you wish, and should your travel plans bring you to Denver Colorado USA, please plan to spend some time together. Perhaps we can even plan for our next trip to Portugal.
Thanks again!"

Friday, 16 August 2013

Testimunial: "Laurie W. and Russel B., Journey to Portugal, April 2013"

" A number of people asked us - Why Portugal? and we said Why not?
 It is a beautiful country, great people, excellent food and the wine.. Oh the wine is just great! We loved Oporto and it was a great thing that the airline planned a strike for the first few days. The changes to our itinerary were just right since we got to see a bit more of this beautiful country.
Travel Tailors put together a great itinerary for us and went out of their way to make sure our vacation was perfect. They stayed in contact even when we were in Portugal, from meeting us at the airport and sending us off. Our vacation was effortless and we thank Paula and Travel Tailors for this!!!"

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Testimunial: "Rui H, Cruise in Douro River, Portugal, August 2012"

"The cruise was very good, good food, good landscapes. We ended up changing our Sunday lunch plans and went up to Gaia, visited the Sandeman Port Wine Cellar (I recommend), and had lunch at a restaurant by the river (A Transmontana, I think). Very Good!
I thank you for your help. We got an excellent impression of you. You are now our reference at home for future trips."

Monday, 12 August 2013

Testemunial: "Vivian D'Adonna, Journey to Portugal, January 2012"

" I have just returned from Portugal, where I spent marvelous moments with my family and we got to know magnificent places and people!!
A big thank you to Paula, from TravelTailors, who was a great help designing our vacation just the way I wanted!!!! I have already told her that I fell in love with Portugal and hope to return shortly to get to know a lot more!!! A big hug and an excellent 2012 to all at TravelTailors! :)"

Friday, 9 August 2013

Testemunial: "Rui R. Journey to Alentejo, Portugal, August 2012"

"The rooms where we stayed were very pleasant. The food at the hotel's restaurant has excellent!
The walk through Alqueva was memorable; the cooking workshop was really fun and educational for the ones that participated in it; although the birdwatching activity was interesting and informative, we believe there is room for improvements. In general, the hotel has a huge potential and the staff is extremely attentive and nice. The documentation provided was on time and adequate."

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Testemunial: "António Ottani, Journey to Portugal and Paris, January 2013"

"All the trip planning was excellent, which made it pleasant. It was all very well prepared and divided, which made us enjoy traveling from city to city. The New Year's Eve, that we spent at the Hard Rock Café was excellent!
The participation of the guides was essential, with special mention to Carlos, who accompanied us in Oporto, by his historical knowledge and professionalism. Since we traveled as a family and all together, we didn't have any problem entering or exiting Europe. The required documentation was only the passports and the interview was quick and calm.
The journey exceeded our expectations and we just have to thank you for your commitment and participation in all the planning and all the details."

Friday, 2 August 2013

Testemunial - "João C., Journey to Portugal, Fev 2010"

"I believe Valença is a destiny that I recommend to everyone on any occasion. Historic site - quiet, good to relax, with beautiful views and close to other sites of interest. The hotel has a good service with a nice atmosphere and space."