Monday, 30 September 2013

Why do the prices of the flights vary so much?

An important part of the price of the flight corresponds to the tariff, which varies depending on demand: even inside the economy class, airlines attribute different classes of reservations with different prices, despite the service being exactly the same. The first seats to be sold are the ones with the price associated with the lower priced class, and when these run out, the price of the following class will apply, and this process goes on until, successively, all tariffs are sold. That's why it is fundamental to reserve with the maximum time in advance so you may access the most favorable tariffs: for some destinations, if in high season, the lower tariffs will cease to be available even with more than four months in advance. In most of the destinations that we suggest the flight has one stop in an European city, so you must bear in mind that not only Portuguese people will be looking for those flights.

Other price components are the fuel taxes (which vary according to the fuel prices), security and airport taxes.

Friday, 27 September 2013

Why don't your trips include the price of the international flight?

The price of the flights is really variable depending on the available tariffs at the time of reservation, the time of the year and the different applicable rates. This way, we believe that the information is more clear, given that you will be sure that do we do not inflate the prices in order to cover these likely variations. Additionally, there are travelers that opt for more economical flight solutions even if that implies several stops, while others only want to fly directly or just want to use specific airlines, being willing to pay for a more expensive flight. There are also some travelers that, for several reasons, might not want to leave from or return to Portugal but instead to a different destination. TravelTailors provides solutions to the different preferences and takes care of your flight reservations, informing you of the different available options. Nevertheless you have the option of acquiring just the land program.

Along with every program you can find information about the estimated value of the flight. When you chose to proceed with an actual reservation, we will give you the prices of the available flight(s), as well as schedules, estimated stops and airline(s). This price can vary, at times substantially, very quickly, and can be only be guaranteed after flight reservation, which is only is possible with the information of first and last name of the passengers.

In order to obtain to best tariff you should reserve the flight as soon as possible. We recommend at least three to four months before departure, especially if you are looking to travel in a high season (in Portugal or in the country of destination).

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

What can I carry in the hand luggage?

The passengers should know the current rules of security relatively to hand luggage, namely the prohibition transportation of any dangerous goods (it includes pocketknives, little scissors and nail-clippers!), as well as the limitations to the transportation of liquids and gels(to include, among others, water, perfumes, creams, deodorant, tooth paste, gel...) stored in packages of capacity not over 100ml, properly packed in a transparent closed bag, that cannot exceed the dimensions of 19cmx20cm (ex: freezing bag) and capacity of 1 liter by passenger. Rule of thumb, the hand luggage is limited to 6kg per passenger.

Monday, 23 September 2013

Should I reconfirm my flight with the airline?

The airlines might be forced to alter the schedules of departure at the last minute, therefore, flights should always be confirmed 24 hours before departure. Whenever the flights have been booked with us, TravelTailors and/or our local representatives will take care of that confirmation, except when specifically indicated in documentation provided to the client. Of any case you can always confirm the schedule phoning the airline, or accessing the Amadeus here using the reservation code stated in your electronic ticket.

Friday, 20 September 2013

May I depart from Porto or of any other European city? Or return to a city different from the one I departed?

Yes. Give us that indication upon booking the flights in order for us to determine the available flights, schedules that may fit in the program and price.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

I am not sure about what trip I should book. How can I make the right decision?

Please read carefully the description on the programs that you might be interested in, as well as the files with helpful information associated with these countries that you may find on our site. If you still will have doubts, call us or come meet us or we'll meet you with an Atlas in our hands. Talking about your interests, what you already know, your budget, and the period in which you want to travel, will surely enable you to decide which will be your next trip.

Monday, 16 September 2013

If I make a reservation on my own, in a group journey, will I have that pay individual supplement?

Not necessarily. If you don't mind sharing a room with a person of the same sex, we will group the people in the same situation by order of inscription. Only if your reservation happens to be the last one and we cannot pair you with a same sex person, we will charge you the value of the individual supplement.

Friday, 13 September 2013

My friends won't be able to come with me on this trip. Can I still make a reservation just for me?

Most of our travel suggestions are based in private programs with a minimum of two people, since the price for only one person in private would be very costly - normally the equivalent to the price for two people! Of course we can do it if that is your preference, however please consult us because we will certainly find you a small international group in which you can be integrated paying a normal price, even though occasionally not exactly for the same itinerary. If you contact us with enough time in advance, we'll be able to promote a trip with in the departure date and itinerary of your choice, trying to group other people in the same situation and with the same preferences.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

How can I make a reservation?

Whether you are aiming for one of the programs amongst our suggestions or you want something custom made for you, you should contacts-us by telephone or email, and we will give you all step-by-step indication. Namely, we will request that you fill a form with your personal details, contacts, and all pertinent information related with the intended trip. In order for a reservation to be considered "confirmed", you will have to make a deposit of 30% of the total price of the journey or 100% of the value of the air tickets, whichever is higher. Different conditions may apply in some specific programs, promotions or holydays, by imposition of the service providers.

Monday, 9 September 2013

How much time in advance I should make my reservation?

It is always convenient to plan your vacation with plenty of time in advance, as a means of avoiding disappointment for the lack of availability of flights or hotels, and as a form of obtaining better price flights. We recommend that you do it at least three to four months prior to the date of departure, especially if you intend to travel in the month of August, in new year's eve or in the high season of the country where you to want travel to.

Friday, 6 September 2013

I am going to travel with minors. What additional documentation is necessary?

When minors travel accompanied by their parents, it is always necessary to carry ID cards for the minors, in order to enable filiation confirmation. 

Whenever minors travel unaccompanied by their parents, it is mandatory to carry an authorization for the effect. This authorization should be in writing, dated and signed by the persons exercising parent power legally certified, conferring powers to accompany the minors to a third party properly identified. For further details and download of the minute draft of the authorization you may consult here. 

I'll be driving during the journey. Will my driver's license be sufficient? 

In case you are going to drive at destination, check if your driver's license is within the expiration date and if it is recognized by the country that you are going to visit. Some countries, may require the International Drivers' License, which is valid only for one year. In order to obtain it, seehere

You should gather information about the local legislation and comply scrupulously with the applicable Law of the country you are traveling to. Many countries have mechanisms for immediate enforcement of sanctions in case of infractions.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Where in Portugal do I make an appointment for a traveler's health appointment?

  • "Instituto de Higiene e Medicina Tropical" (Institute of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine) - R. Junqueira, 96 - Lisbon. Tel: 21 3652600. 
       Email: Website: 

    • The British Hospital - R. Saraiva Carvalho, 49 - Lisboa. Tel: 21 3955067 

    • Clínica de Medicina Tropical e do Viajante - Av. Liberdade, 129, 7ºD - Lisboa. Tel: 21 3225622 

    • Centro de Saúde dos Guindais - R. Arnaldo Gama, 64 - Porto. Tel: 22 2002540 

You may also find centers for international vaccination all around the country. Please consult contacts and operational hours here.

Monday, 2 September 2013

Which vaccines should I have?

The recommend vaccines depend on the geographical zone where you are traveling to. Whenever you are going to travel outside of Europe you should consult a traveler's health specialist. If you are traveling with your family, namely with infants and/or elderly people, you should bear in mind the special heath cares that they might need. The traveler's health consultations are provided by infectious illnesses and tropical medicine specialists. 

The appropriate vaccines, depending on destination, are the ones that protect against the following illnesses: cholera, diphtheria, Japanese encephalitis, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, influenza, rabies, tetanus and typhoid fever. The International Sanitary Regulation in force stipulates that the only vaccine that might be required of the travelers when going trough border control is the yellow fever vaccine. You may obtain more information in the World Health Organization site.