Friday, 13 June 2014


Located in southern Portugal, in the border of one the most important natural parks - Ria Formosa, Olhão is Algarve's largest port and a village know for its white cubic houses. But to see this wonder, you need to go on the top of the main church tower. Only then you can see the hundreds of roof terraces - the "açoteias" - which create a unique urban panorama, as if a multitude of cubes had been scattered across a flat surface.

The town itself is a colourful mix of sights and sounds, with twisting streets and a succession of square-sided white houses whose windows and parapets are edged with bands of grey or blue. Olhão is definitely a fishing town, being the population’s main livelihood and its importance is reflected everywhere, from the vibrant harbour that becomes a frenzy of activity when the boats return with their catches, to the impressive array of fish and shellfish on display in the stalls of the waterfront fish market.

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