Monday, 14 July 2014


Whenever the weather is sunny and warm, there are 50 terraces in Lisbon that we suggest you to visit for a great ambience and magnificent view.

1. Portas do Sol
Lisbon's best "balcony", with a splendid view to Alfama, the Tejo River, and the passing trams. With meals and drinks all day long, it's excelent both for sunbathing and for sitting in the shade, at the tables.

2. Quiosque da Ribeira das Naus
This kiosk has a terrace in a circle next to the water of Ribeira das Naus, the "beach" of downtown Lisbon. There you can sit in the sun, watching over the 25 de Abril Bridge and the ferries that pass by.

3. Praça do Comércio
Still refered to as Terreiro do Paço by most locals, Praça do Comércio has several terraces, that, seem to be just a large one, at first sight. These terraces belong to restaurants - that offer both traditional and contemporary Portuguese food, and some international food - and coffee shops - where you can drink beer, have an ice cream or some snacks. And all can be done with a view to the Tejo river, on one side, and to the monumental architecture of downtown Lisbon, on the other.

4. À Margem
A white structure made out of iron and glass, open on the side that is closest to the river. It also has a view to the Discoveries Monument and serves light meals throughout the day. Definitely one of the most popular terraces in Lisbon.

5. Docas de Santo Amaro
A variety of restaurants of all types, from the ones specialized in fish to the ones that serve mostly pasta and pizza. Before being a leisure and dinning destination, it was a group of warehouses of the Port of Lisbon, so there's a beautiful view of the 25 de Abril Bridge.

6. Meninos do Rio
The sun, the drinks, the meals, the ambience, the river, and the palm trees. Either you're sitting at a table or in a lounger, Meninos do Rio is one of the best places for you to stay on a sunny afternoon, or later on, at night.

7. Darwin's Café
Serving both lunch, dinner and afternoon snacks, this terrace allows you to see the Belém Tower and the Tagus starting its flow into the Antlantic Ocean.

8. Quiosque do Miradouro de São Pedro de Alcântara
Open until late on Friday and Saurday night, this kiosk serves drinks and light meals. It faces far across Lisbon, including São Jorge Castle, and some people believe this is the most beautiful viewpoint of the whole city.

9. Esplanada da Graça
The perfect place for tourists to relax after walking up the city's hills, and where locals often meet to cool off with a beer. In Esplanada da Graça (photo) you can get a view of almost all of the entire city center, including São Jorge Castle and Tejo River. Relax, breathe in the scent of the pine trees, and don't worry about the time - the terrace it's open until late.

10. Jardim do Tabaco
By both the cruise terminal and Santa Apolónia, Jardim do Tabaco has a great variety of choices: from pizza, burguers and light meals, to brunch and, of course, fine dinning.

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