Thursday, 7 August 2014


National Geographic has recommended a list of authentic, culturally rich and sustainable places to visit in 2014. One of these places is Alentejo, the perfect place to slow down and relax.

There are many options to choose from, according to your liking. There's Rota Vicentina, a trail that crosses 133 miles from the coastline to the countryside where you can admire storks and endemic plants. There's also Marble Route, with quarries and underground galleriesAs for museums, there's one in the village of Belver, that is devoted to the tradition of artisanal soap-making.

You can stay at Évora's Ecorkhotel, a hotel coated in cork, a material that buffers noise, heat and cold. During the day you can enjoy the local cuisine and buy some of the local products, like honey, berries and wines. At night, you can watch the photopollution-free nigh sky of Alqueva, the world's first Starlight Tourism Destination.

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