Sunday, 28 May 2017

The new boutique hotel in Évora is a Noble House

The former Casa dos Condes de Lousã, in the historical center of Évora, is being restored and transformed into a "luxury boutique hotel" and it will open in June.

Source: Fugas - PÚBLICO

The historical center of Évora

The building, which dates back to the 15th and 16th centuries, was purchased by Unlock Boutique Hotels and has been restored since November 2016 to form The Noble House. Évora's new luxury boutique hotel is 200 meters from the city's Cathedral, right in the heart of the historic center, classified as an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The project for the renovation of the former Casa dos Condes de Lousã is in charge of the architect Fernando Coelho, author of several reference projects, such as the Cella Bar on the island of Pico (Azores), distinguished by ArchDaily as Building of the Year 2016. 

In addition to "one of the largest suites of the district", which integrates part of the city's Roman wall into one of the walls, the new housing unit still preserves other features of the historic building, such as the 18th century tiles, the emblazoned portal, the vaulted ceilings. Some "frescões" (which cover the walls of several rooms), the garden or the well used formerly for homemade water consumption.

The landscape of Alentejo region 

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