Friday, 18 October 2013

I would like to travel to a specific country in a time of year that does not appear possible in your program. Does that mean that I cannot go?

Well, you can, and in some cases there are even some programs available in the market to that effect. But we prefer that you don't. If we did not include that trip in that month, is because normally the weather conditions are so adverse for the journey in question that we find that you will not come back satisfied. That might happen as a consequence of it coinciding with months of such intense rain that the roads may be affected and the journey depends on that mobility, or because the coldness is so severe that many hotels are closed and the services of mobility and guidance are limited, or because if your intention is going to the beach and in that month it's cold or raining cats and dogs all day... That does not necessarily mean that every month in which we've included that program the weather is going to be splendid!

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