Thursday, 18 August 2016

Portugal is a safe destination for holidays

Portugal is a destination to consider when it comes to going on safe vacations in Europe, data from an analysis performed by Virtuoso – a network of travel agencies specialized in travel arrangements – says.

The article, published in The New York Times newspaper, starts by indicating how much daily accommodation costs in Portugal, highlighting that it is 57 percent lower than the average practiced in Europe, and adds that the only country where this rate is lower is Poland.

Portugal, as well as Spain, are destinations which present good prices during the high season, ensures, in turn, Virginia Irurita, founder of a company based in Madrid which sells trips to the two countries. In this respect, she adds that the money in these destinations yields even more than two years ago.

Based on this article, published in the Travel section of the American newspaper, and dedicated to those who want to go on vacation in the old continent, the Virtuoso network also stresses that the terrorist attacks which took place in Europe last year did not affect the willingness of tourists who chose Europe as a holiday destination this year.

The Top 5 of the most popular destinations, according to Virtuoso, are, thus, respectively: Italy, United Kingdom, France, Spain and the Netherlands.

Source: Welcome

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