Friday, 26 August 2016

Twelve national spas awarded Gold at the World Luxury Spa Awards

World Luxury Spa Awards 2016 awarded 12 Portuguese spas. Sayanna Wellness at EPIC SANA Algarve was the most distinguished one, winning in the categories "Global Winner - Luxury Fitness Spa" and "Luxury Resort Spa - Portugal" as well as the Grand Prix "Overall Global Winner".

Conrad Algarve was also a Global Winner, but as "Luxury Country Spa". As for the European winners, the prizes went to CitySpa Lisbon ("Luxury Day Spa"), Vidago Palace Thermal Spa ("Luxury Mineral Springs Spa") and Gspa at Altis Grand Hotel ("Luxury Emerging Spa"). The latter won as well the trophy for Portugal's best "Luxury Fitness Spa".

At the national level were also prized the Ayurveda cure center by Birgit Moukom ("Best Spa Manager"), the Sayanna Wellness at Myriad by SANA Hotels ("Luxury Boutique Spa" and "Luxury Urban Escape"), the Spirito Spa of Sheraton Lisboa ("Luxury Day Spa"), the Magic Spa of Pestana Hotel and Casino ("Luxury Destination Spa"), the spa at the Porto Bay Liberdade ("Luxury Emerging Spa"), the Bspa by Karin Herzog at Altis Belém ("Luxury Hotel Spa") and the Stone Spa ("Luxury Wellness Spa").

World Luxury Spa Awards are given on the basis of the quality of the facilities and of the service provided by the hotel, the size of the property not being given any weight in the stages of nomination and voting. Among its objectives are the celebration of service excellence, encouragement of competitiveness in the luxury hotel industry and drawing attention to the value and importance of providing guests with a quality service.

Source: Welcome

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