Friday, 24 February 2017

Direct flights from and to Lisbon

It’s not a huge new that Lisbon has received more and more prizes and tourists in the last years. But now Lisbon also has more and more direct flights departing and arriving to the capital’s airport.

China will have direct flights to Portugal this summer, from Beijing. In North America, direct flights are available to Toronto, Canada and, in the United States, it is possible to fly to New York, Boston and Miami.

The weekly intensity of flights to São Paulo, Brazil, was also strengthened; in the samba country, you can also fly directly to Brasília, Porto Alegre, Salvador or Recife, among others. Still in South America, Lisbon is directly connect by plain to Venezuela. 

African destinations such as Senegal, Angola and Mozambique have not been forgotten. You can also find direct flights to some popular tourist destinations such as Morocco, Sao Tome and Principe, Tunisia and Cape Verde; Or, if you prefer something less cliché, enjoy and do not stop in your flight to Ghana, Guinea Bissau and Algeria.

In Europe, flights to classic destinations such as London, Madrid, and flights to Italy, Switzerland, France, Germany and Ireland remain available. If you want to go East, the options are extend to Turkey, Romania, Moldavia and Poland. You can still choose between Czech Republic, Croatia, Greece, Austria and Dubai, since every destination has its own direct flight to Lisbon. In addition to those already mentioned, we have the destinations of the Benelux (Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Belgium) and a Scandinavian Peninsula, with direct flights to Denmark, Sweden, Norway or Finland.
After all the options, the most difficult right now is to choose where to go!

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