Thursday, 2 February 2017

Guarda created a thematic tour dedicated to Miguel de Unamuno

The City Hall of Guarda created a thematic tour dedicated to Miguel de Unumuno, intitulated “That Guarda that so many times attracted my eyes”, with the goal to attract more visitors to the city.

The councilman Victor Amaral, with the culture and tourism roles, told Lusa agency that the thematic tour pretends to take tourists to the locals that were visited by the Spanish writer Miguel de Unamuno (1964-1936), in November 1908, and reffered in the book In Portuguese and Spanish lands”, published in 1911.
The path allows the visitors and all the interested ones to go trough “the physical spaces of the monumental and cultural city’s patrimony that, deep down, is referenced in Miguel de Unamuno’s work. 

“There are seven references to the emblematic spaces that Miguel de Unamuno walked in this passage trough Guarda and that we propose to revisit. It’s a literary cultural itinerary that is related to the books, related to that experience, with that passage Miguel de Unamuno’s passage, and that we reconstructed and actualized to a cultural-touristic path of our patrimony in Guarda city”, said Victor Amaral.
The “unamunian tour in Guarda” can star or finish in the train station, because that was the starting point to thw writer “go through the city in his ride for the highest city in Portugal”, explained the councilman.

Besides that train station, the tour that recreated Miguel de Unamuno’s passes also includes the Santos Pension, today with the designation Santos Hotel, where he was housed, the Sun Door, the Blacksmiths Tower, the Misericórdia Church, the Cathedral and the Guarda’s National Lyceum, now 1ª Basic Cicle Scholl Augusto Gil.
The councilman Victor Amaral recognizes that the tour created by the autarchy though the Guarda Museum, based on the work of “an important author to the world literature” that one that passed by the city, is useful to rise the capitation of tourists.
“In that book, Miguel de Unamuno, in fact, talks about Guarda. And he talks about Guarda, in his passage, that was brief, only an afternoon and a morning, but that in our opinion is something very importante”, he explained. 

According to him, the principal motto to the tour creation was the book Guarda to Miguel de Unamuno, from the painter Florencio Maíllo (Salamanca, Spain), that participated in the first edition of Of the International Symposium of Contemporary Art of the City of Guarda, that ran from may 28 until june 14.

The flyer with the tour “Unamuniano Tour in Guarda” is available in the installations of the Welcome Center and the Museum of the city. 

Source: Fugas

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