Monday, 18 June 2018

Top 25 – Best Sushi restaurants from Lisbon to Cascais

Today is the International Sushi’s Day so we decided to gather some of the best sushi restaurants mentioned by from Lisbon to Cascais for you to celebrate! Are you ready?

It can be said that sushi aroused passions and the gastronomic curiosity of Lisbon people, so much that since the trend began, many were the Japanese restaurants that opened in the city. Although Japanese cuisine is not just about sushi, in this “best of” we decided to present the best Japanese restaurants (and not only) in Lisbon where you can eat quality sushi. And because it is a delicacy that is not always a “friend of the wallet”, we collected options for all the budgets. From the most exclusive and author sushi, to fusion sushi, not to mention the all-you-can-eat sushi restaurants, in this article you will find several options that will meet your sushi lover's needs.

In Lisbon we recommend:

All-you-can-eat options:

From Cascais to Sintra:

From Algés to Oeiras:

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