Wednesday, 13 June 2018

TOP 30 - Best fish restaurants in Lisbon and surroundings made a list with the top 30 best fish restaurants in Lisbon and surroundings. Has it already whetted your appetite?

With a coastline of more than 900 km, Portugal is a country with a strong tradition in terms of sea food. The best restaurants in Lisbon and surroundings to eat fish demonstrate how this ingredient is one of the simplest and most delicious of all our gastronomy. Ideally, you want the fresh and well-grilled fish, and there are restaurants that have made this combination their art. But new times bring new ways to sharpen flavors and delight the palate, and this is a versatile ingredient and, since well done, always tasty. In this article we have left aside the new trends of fish, arrivals from other countries, such as sushi and ceviche, and seafood, deserving separate articles, which will be published in due course. For now, and now that spring and the sun are there, let's take advantage of these Portuguese flavors and sea breezes.

TOP Fish restaurants in Lisbon:

Around Lisbon
Outside Lisbon, the sea supplies fish even more abundantly, and it is the main dish at the table of some of the most iconic restaurants in Cascais and Sintra.
In spaces with a view to the sea, where the sea winds are felt at the table, these delicacies have an even more ... genuine flavor.

TOP Fish restaurants around Lisbon:
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