Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Teresa Conceição shares her favorite Nature Parks - Part Two

We have talked about some of Portugal's Nature Parks, from the North to the Center of the territory. These were brought by Teresa Conceição, a journalist from TV channel SIC, who co-hosts the series "Ir é o melhor remédio" ("To go is the best medicine" in a free translation). She shared with the national newspaper Expresso some of her favorite Nature Parks. Today we share the ones south of the Tagus river.

Serra da Arrábida

The Arrábida Nature Park is right by the Atlantic Ocean, where it reaches in high cliffs and small coves. The diversity of the wild life is such that it is a protected area. The green forest is a contrast with the blue waters. The water at the beaches is freezing but that does scare away people, who choose these beaches for their beauty. Galapinhos is considered one of the best beaches in Europe.

Photo by F nando

Vale do Guadiana

This Nature Park rests in the Alentejo inland. Here it is possible to meet the wonderful and protected Iberian Lynx and the Royal Eagle. They make their life in this area, together with the trees and plants that create wonders one cannot forget. Pulo do Lobo is a waterfall in which resides one of the most beautiful natural atractions. Through the park makes its way the river Guadiana, all the way until the Algarve. It is also a wonderful area to try the best Alentejo cuisine.
Photo by Francisco Antunes

Sudoeste Alentejano e Costa Vicentina

This park extends in a vast area, from the village of São Torpes all the way to Sagres, in the Algarve. It is a biodiversity sanctuary that has been preserved, regardless the high potential of the turist industry. It follows the coastline and offers many routes to the ones who love trekking. And for the ones who like to observe birds, it is the only place in the planet where you can see storkes laying their eggs on the cliffs.
Photo by Xuaxo

Ria Formosa

This is the farthest South Nature Park and sits in the Algarve. It is one of the seven Nature Wonders in Portugal. The area is well known for its paradise beaches. However, it holds other riches, like animal life which exists almost nowhere else in Europe, such as the chameleon. For the ones who love to observe birds, here is where they can see the flamingo, and other special birds. It is also a wonderful place to eat fish, octopus and seafood, cooked in an exquisite way.
Photo by Osvaldo Gago

Even though Portugal is a small country, its diversity and richness is well worth a visit, from North to South. These Nature Parks are just one (very good) example.

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