Wednesday, 28 August 2013

What documentation do I need for traveling to the United States of the America?

The citizens of Portuguese nationality do not need visa for traveling to the United States of the America, as long as they possess optical reading passports, which is automatically the case for all passports emitted after the 1st of January 2001. Additionally, it is mandatory to request prior authorization for the journey, which will have the validity of two years and might be used for multiple journeys to that country. This authorization (THIS) is requested through the site and since September of 2010 a rate of 14USD will be charged. In case the authorization is denied, you will have to request a visa to the U.S.A embassy.

Please note that when traveling to the U.S.A., the client gives its express consent for transmission of all the information, including personal details, to the governmental authorities for air traveling control and security purposes.

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