Monday, 30 September 2013

Why do the prices of the flights vary so much?

An important part of the price of the flight corresponds to the tariff, which varies depending on demand: even inside the economy class, airlines attribute different classes of reservations with different prices, despite the service being exactly the same. The first seats to be sold are the ones with the price associated with the lower priced class, and when these run out, the price of the following class will apply, and this process goes on until, successively, all tariffs are sold. That's why it is fundamental to reserve with the maximum time in advance so you may access the most favorable tariffs: for some destinations, if in high season, the lower tariffs will cease to be available even with more than four months in advance. In most of the destinations that we suggest the flight has one stop in an European city, so you must bear in mind that not only Portuguese people will be looking for those flights.

Other price components are the fuel taxes (which vary according to the fuel prices), security and airport taxes.

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