Friday, 27 September 2013

Why don't your trips include the price of the international flight?

The price of the flights is really variable depending on the available tariffs at the time of reservation, the time of the year and the different applicable rates. This way, we believe that the information is more clear, given that you will be sure that do we do not inflate the prices in order to cover these likely variations. Additionally, there are travelers that opt for more economical flight solutions even if that implies several stops, while others only want to fly directly or just want to use specific airlines, being willing to pay for a more expensive flight. There are also some travelers that, for several reasons, might not want to leave from or return to Portugal but instead to a different destination. TravelTailors provides solutions to the different preferences and takes care of your flight reservations, informing you of the different available options. Nevertheless you have the option of acquiring just the land program.

Along with every program you can find information about the estimated value of the flight. When you chose to proceed with an actual reservation, we will give you the prices of the available flight(s), as well as schedules, estimated stops and airline(s). This price can vary, at times substantially, very quickly, and can be only be guaranteed after flight reservation, which is only is possible with the information of first and last name of the passengers.

In order to obtain to best tariff you should reserve the flight as soon as possible. We recommend at least three to four months before departure, especially if you are looking to travel in a high season (in Portugal or in the country of destination).

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