Wednesday, 20 November 2013


Hike through Port Wine vineyards and visit Portugal's Historical Villages, with its castles and stone wall houses that have kept the same appearanc for centuries. The hike down of the famous Calçada de Alpajares, also named the Devil's Trail, is a must of the trip. It will take you to Barca de Alva, with breathtaking views of vineyards.

Find out more in our complete program: Douro and historical villages .

We will spend a very special day in Quinta Nova.You can have fun harvesting grapes (September and October tours), try the winecaching game, try one of the hiking trails in the farm or just relax by the pool. Quinta Nova offers you several options of hiking trails with amazing views of the Douro river and valley. In the harvest season (Sep. 15th to Oct. 15th), you will have the chance to harvest grapes with the specialists, try the first wine in the cellars and have a typical vintage lunch. The harvesting experience will finish with some Port and Douro wine tasting.

If you don't feel like harvesting grapes, you can try Winecaching. It's basically like Geocaching linked to wine and involves the discovery of "wine caches" spread throughout the Quinta among the vineyards.

In the next days you will experience a short train ride up to the town of Pocinho on the famous Douro railway road. After a short van transfer, we will begin our walks in area. We will walk through an ancient trail still used by the local people that connects the Historical Villages.

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