Friday, 1 November 2013

I would like to offer a voucher/gift certificate that may be converted in one of your services. Is this possible?

Yes. You will be able to do it in two modalities: a) if you're aiming to give maximum liberty in the choice of the service, the voucher will have a value, defined by you, per example, 100 Euros and it will be valid for two years after the acquisition; b) if you want to offer a specific, predefined service, per example, a two nights stay in a specific Portuguese inn, the voucher will state just that (and not the cost) - in this case the validity varies case by case, but generally applicable for a specific season and subject to availability, which we will confirm when the person you offered the voucher to, contacts us to request the reservation.

In any of the cases, the payment of the voucher is due at the time of the purchase and not when the service is used.

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