Wednesday, 6 November 2013


A unique opportunity for you and your family to relax in intimate contact with nature (you can even bring your dog or cat). Learn firsthand the traditions of making bread or goat cheese and explore the woods and rivers in Serra da Lousã, Portugal. It will be a weekend to remember!


(Optional) Transfer from Lisbon or Porto to St. John Smithy reception in the village.
In this village, you can still take part in activities that some of the 40 people still continue to perform. You can make goat cheese, be the shepherd of the flock community for a day, picking olives or grapes.
If driving you can visit some castles in the region, two Roman villas or even go to the Shrine of Fatima.

Accommodation and dinner at the home of the Valley of the Nest or House Joe Shoemaker.

The Valley's Nest house, seated in the valley is named, overlooks the village overlooking Iron John and his comb quartz. It is a small cottage renovated with environmental concerns and energy efficiency, making the balance between modern and traditional architecture of the region. The result is a high level of comfort in a rural setting with 3 bedrooms with toilet, panoramic room and kitchen. The huge balcony to enjoy the relaxing landscape of the valley surrounded by gardens, woodland gardens and small farming from where many of the ingredients for meals in the house:

The House of Joe Shoemaker was rebuilt and prepared to receive up to 10 people in a familiar and comfortable. Sharing a kitchen, living room and a courtyard, guests can choose one of four double rooms or the suite, all with bathroom privativa.Na reception, an old piece to grind corn reminds us of the reality of other times:


Today you have the opportunity of meeting the locals, visiting them in their own homes and learning about their ancient traditions.

The day will be filled by two main activities. First, have the opportunity to prepare your own delicious fresh goat cheese, from the moment we express milk the herd community. Then you can still learn to make bread in a wood oven. It's all in the midst of many conversations, stories and folktales. The meal will undoubtedly have a different flavor, tasting prepared than during the day!

Accommodation in the Valley of the Nest House or at the home of Joe Shoemaker. (Optional dinner.)

DAY 3: RAIL FLOCK (2,5 TO 4,8 KM./1 - 2,5 HOURS)

Today we walk through the beautiful Valley of St. John. 
Between rocks and streams, bridges and passing through cork forests, you will discover a new world of tranquility.
The Way of the Schist (4.8 kms) gives us different perspectives around this village. We start at the center of mountain biking, then following the shores of Ribeira da Ferrara. Along the way, you will find small mills with several traditional wells to draw water.

If you choose the longer route, you can still spot old water mills, cooling pools in the canyons of Riverside and finally, as at the end when it comes back to Smithy, a lush forest of oaks and corrals community, ex-libris history life of this village.

We are sure going to love this tour, during which children (and adults) can still be fun with a treasure hunt (geocaching) using GPS (optional).

Lunch along the way, with a hearty picnic lunch.

Transfer (optional) to Lisbon or Porto.

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