Monday, 23 January 2017

16 Portuguese sayings that don’t make any sense

Every language has common sayings that everyone knows and uses that don’t necessarily make sense, especially when translated into another language.

1. Ir com os porcos
“Go with the pigs” meaning: DIE

2. Pulga atrás da orelha
“Flea behind the ear” meaning: BEING SUSPICIOUS

3. Barata tonta
“Dizzy Cockroach” meaning: BEING UNFOCUSED/CLUMSY

4. Acordar com os pés de fora
“Wake up with the feet outside” meaning: WOKE UP IN A BAD MOOD

5. Estar com os azeites
“Being with the olive oils” meaning: IN A BAD MOOD.

6. Muitos anos a virar frangos
“Many years turning chickens” meaning: A LOT OF EXPERIENCE/KNOWLEDGE

7. Macaquinhos na cabeça
“Little monkeys in the head” meaning: HAVING STRANGE/SUSPICIOUS THOUGHTS

8. Pentear macacos
“Comb monkeys” meaning: GO F%CK YOURSELF (in a polite way…)

9. Engolir Sapos

10.  Tirar o cavalinho da chuva
“Take the little horse from the rain” meaning: DON’T COUNT ON THAT!

11.  Partir a loiça toda
“Breaking all the dishes” meaning: ROCKIN’!!

12. Chatear Camões
“Go bother Camões” meaning: GO BOTHER SOMEONE ELSE

13.  Água pela Barba
“Water up his beard” meaning: A LOT OF WORK

14. Ter muita lata
 “A lot of cans” meaning: 100% SHAMELESS

15.  Pão Pão, Queijo Queijo
“Bread bread, cheese cheese” meaning: IT IS THIS SIMPLE!

16.  À sombra da Bananeira
“Under the Banana Tree shade” meaning: NO WORRIES

Source: Twisted Sifter.

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