Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Are Azores the new Iceland?

News agency Bloomberg considers that Portuguese islands are the “hot new adventure destination”. This is at least the opinion of the America news agency Bloomberg in an article called "Move over, Iceland: the Azores are the hot new adventure destination.”

Compared with the neighbor to the north, journalist Brandon Presser refers to “gorgeous no-filter landscapes, a palpable not-in-America vibe and an ultra-convenient stopover locale on your way to Europe”. However, he says the Azores remain off the tourist radar, instead of Iceland where, he says, it is predicted that in 2017 there will be more tourists than residents.
For Bloomberg, Azores are “a quiet realm of quaint Iberian charm and dazzling vine-draped greens carved out by a dramatic history of volcanic events.”
São Miguel is noted for being the largest island, the most populous and accessible, but the advice is for the traveler to not stop there and to take at least a week to "jump" to some of the other nine islands of the archipelago. In São Miguel island, he highlights the lagoons of the Sete Cidades, the village of Furnas, "a spa for 300 years", with the fumaroles, Terra Nostra garden and the stew as a business card, and the capital, Ponta Delgada, with its narrow streets, religious architecture made of porous volcanic stone and street art. In Pico he focus the "soaring volcanic peak whose shadow moves across the landscape like a sundial", the cultivation of the vineyard and the observation of whales. He also mentioned São Jorge for its cheese and Faial for its prepared fish in a restaurant in Horta.
If they are the new Iceland, we do not know, but the Azores are increasingly in the mouth of the world.
Source: Fugas

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